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July 11, 2010

Why I Couldn´t get enough of Italian men in Rome!!

The stereotypical image of Italian men; tall, dark and very, very handsome. Is this stereotypical image untrue, I ask myself? After spending 2 enchanting weeks holidaying in the ´Eternal city´ of Rome, sightseeing with my friends, mingling with the local hotties, I have to say this stereotype is, in my experience, a definite 100%. Although many of them think they are God´s gift to women – for once, they´re right…

My two week holiday started when we arrived at the most amazing Rome apartment, close to the Piazza de Popolo. We were really geared up about the holiday and all the great must sees; The Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps but also and we couldn´t wait to get onto the fantastic Piazza Novona, packed with people in the restaurants, cafes and bars at night.

We immediately noticed how dark, strong and sensitive the men were, and so well dressed too! I had always been a fan of Italian footballers, especially Manuele Blasi, Fabio Cannavaro, Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo and Gianluca Zambrotta, and in Rome I felt like I had a hundred Zambrotta´s all around me! Italian men seem to have a certain something about them, I´m not sure if it´s the way they speak English with an Italian accent when you ask them for directions, or the way they are so interesting to talk to, playful and funny.

We met a group of men in a bar, they were dressed very smartly. Some of the best bars I’ve ever been to were in Rome and I think we met these guys in “Anima” in the Historic Centre, they had been to a wedding that day, and looked positively dashing in their suits. Marco, Luca and Francesco were their names, it was hard getting this out of them, as they spoke hardly any English, and we spoke next to no Italian, apart from my friend Becca who is studying it at university. The guys were from Florence but were staying in a hotel in Rome near to the Piazza Novona and said they would show us round because they knew Rome quite well.

We spent the fifth day of our trip sightseeing together, they guys said they´d show us the attractions in Rome such as; Capitoline Museums at the Piazza del Campidoglio, Fontana Dell’acqua Paola and the Piazza Della Repubblica. We had a great day together. The guys were really sweet, opening doors for us, pulling out chairs, paying for lunch – certainly something you wouldn´t expect in England we laughed, – at home, a man´s idea of romance is normally more like ´Fancy a pint luv?´

Towards the end of the trip there was a lot of romance in the air, I think it was not only how sweet the Italian boys were, but also just being in Rome itself. Although the city itself is loud and chaotic, (as is to be expected in ´the city that never sleeps´), the pretty sidestreets, Rome accommodation, boutiques and cafes are filled with couples holding hands, children riding their bikes and old people sitting on the benches gossiping and watching the world go by.

Quite honestly, whilst I was sitting in a enchanting square in one of the most exciting cities in the world with my friends and 3 beautiful Italian men, I was completely content and couldn´t have imagined anything better than just being there and enjoying myself.

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