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August 6, 2010

Where to get the best value vacation for your money

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Want to get away yet?

Program offers trips around the world

Syllabus Monday has come and gone.

Dr. ACROP and Dr. Town House have nursed our first hangovers of the semester courtesy of the lovely Aunt Chilada.

Now sitting in my dorm, hair all askew, I am surrounded by books thicker than my super long twin bed, asking myself, is it time for break yet?

Every student goes through it. The initial excitement of a new semester beginning: new teachers, new courses, and the relief that the painstakingly awful classes from the previous semester are finally behind you.

The first few weeks are a breeze, as students settle into the quad between classes to enjoy the last few days of summer that have held on through September.

But come October when the nights go from a refreshing chill to an unbearable cold, and midterms begin to pop out of nowhere, all students will be excited for is vacation.

Quinnipiac students, I have been introduced to a money saving wonder of the world, and I mean that literally.

Last March, I was stressed beyond belief planning a trip around Europe. The prices of plane tickets were outrageous, so I browsed the Internet for backpacking around Europe and discovered a program called EF College Break.

They had an ultimate Europe trip, which went to 14 cities in 35 days and my trip, with everything included except lunch and dinner, came to just under $4,000.00.

EF College Break is a program that allows college students to travel around the world at an affordable price.

Already done Europe? Why not walk on a wall in China or discover the beauty of India. How do luxurious white sand beaches in Cape Town, South Africa sound? Or even if you wake up and decide you want to ride a camel to a pyramid in Egypt, EF College Break can do that for you as well. I was so impressed with EF College Break, I even became a campus manager for them.

With trips ranging from 4 cities in 7 days to 14 cities in 35 days, EF College break has one of the widest varieties a student can choose from, and all at an affordable price. How does New Years Eve in Florence and Rome sound? Or a week in Paris, Amsterdam, and London?

Every trip price includes round-trip airfare, transportation to every city, a tour guide, entrance into every museum and an event that is part of the trip. If there is a city you are in but there’s something extra you want to see, every city has a day or evening of free time where you can go off on your own and explore.

EF College Break allows you to change your departure date and place back to the states and the airfare will still be included. If you want to go but are not sure if you can, EF College Break allows you to change trips or cancel within 99 days of your departure date.

College students everywhere can stop daydreaming around all those books. You can get off Facebook because it hasn’t changed since the last time you checked it five minutes ago. You can book the trip of your dreams at a realistic price today.

Enter CM Code Patch2483 at the top to save even more!

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