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August 30, 2010

Turbulence tips: How to deal with a bumpy flight

Personally, I have never been fond of roller coaster rides, as a matter of fact I spent my honey moon at Walt Disney and all I got to enjoy was the Merry Go Round and “It’s a small world” ride.

I have always suffered motion sickness from multiple curves in a car ride, to sea-sickness in ocean liners to my ultimate addition: air sickness.

I really pretty much had always had pretty smooth flights in my life until March 2006.

I was on a flight from Rome to Philadelphia and there it happened. We hit clear air turbulence and there I was searching desperately for my barf bag!

I did not get sick to my surprise, but I was simply terrorized.

I never expected an airplane to turn into a dreaded roller coaster ride!

I was white knuckled as my husband was making fun of me.

His humor though was only making me more irritated than ever. I soon realized that that experience had negatively marked my future flights.

I starte becoming nervous at every sign of ‘bumps” on the following flights fearing that the clear turbulence event would happen again. However, I have fortunately found many precious coping skills that make flying for me a more bearable event.

I will share these tips since they seem to work pretty well for me and should for any other individual who just as me hates feeling like jello tossed about the cabin.

-First of all realize that turbulence poses no sort of harm to the aircraft. Aircrafts can withstand much more turbulence than we expect. As a matter of fact some aircrafts routinely fly directly into hurricanes for study purposes!

-Wings are pretty flexible. Even though the wings of the aircraft I flew on that dreaded March were flapping like a duck eager to fly South, the plane was intact. Wings are not really two metal pieces attached to the fuselage. Rather they ar ean entire piece going from one side to the other through the fuselage. Get the idea?

-Accept your anxiety instead of trying to overcome it. Just as bamboo stalks in the wind: bend down to anxiety instead of becoming rigid and breaking down. This has worked wonders for me. Fighting anxiety only worsens it for some reason.It’s just a waste of energy! So accept your anxiety, this will help you cope with it and ultimately overcome it more easily.

-Bring along some ginger candy! Ginger has been proved to help overcome motion sickness without the drowsy effects of medications. It has always helped me and it is also so flavorful! It keeps nausea at bay and prevents

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