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March 27, 2010

Top Attractions and Holiday Accommodation in Rome

It is also the smallest country in the world, and the capital of the only religion that has representation in the United Nations.

Once your holiday accommodation has been booked, look at some of the top tourist attractions that Rome has to offer. Most people go to the Basilica of San Pietro. This is the place individuals visit in order to receive the Pope’s blessing. You might need to set aside a whole day for this event as hundreds of thousands of people stream in on Sundays to see the Pope. It is well worth the time and effort though, a truly unique experience.

If you are interested in more spiritual tourist sites in Rome, the Pantheon is hailed as the top most spiritual structure in town. The Pantheon has a holy atmosphere, which is enhanced by the fact that its only light source comes through the dome at the top of the structure.

If you love Rome and prefer wishes to prayers, the Trevi Fountain is worth a visit. A most awe-inspiring fountain, and it is believed that if you toss a coin into it over your shoulder then you shall supposedly return to Rome many times.

The Colosseum is a must see site where the famous gladiators fought battles. It was originally planned to be a horse racing circuit, which would explain the massive size and the 55,000 seats. The ancient Romans knew how to throw a party and for the opening day celebration in 72 AD, they held a hundred day celebration!

Piazza di Spagna is the world famous theatrical square that is often utilized for international meetings. It has a fantastic staircase that leads up to the square’s entrance. One of the globe’s most renowned fashion shows is staged here. The square leads you to endless streets filled with exquisite shops and boutiques.

Domus Aurea di Nerone is an immense palace, which has undergone a fifteen-year restoration process. It’s an intricate and exquisite example of interior design, and gold, gemstones, and ivory abound. The ceilings have openings with ivory tiles frames that open up to create stunning showers of flowers and perfume.

If you are interested in the political history of Rome, the Roman Forum is well worth a visit as it used to be centre of the political, economic, and social life of the Vatican City. You will be able to view the remains of the Emperor Septimius Severus triumphal arch. It’s also famous because Shakespeare’s famous chatacter, Mark Anthony spoke here, after Julius Caesar’s assassination. Great news is that admission is free for all and there are many tours available.

If our guide has inspired you to explore the ruins of early Roman culture, make sure that you book your hotel accommodation in advance. With plenty to see and explore in Italy’s ancient capital, don’t forget you’ll be competing for good value Rome holiday accommodation with plenty of other tourists!

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