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May 23, 2010

The Nightlife Of Rome

It may not be your destination, if you are looking for some really hardcore nightlife however the city of Rome has its own charms of nights. You may not find it the bounciest of the cities at night, but so what! Rome has the beauty that has its own class. You may not find the zippiest of nightlifes in the “eternal city,” but Rome has nightlife of its own genre.

The “City of Love,” Rome, you know, is carved from different material. Rome’s nightlight is much more than carousing and dancing bars and nightclubs. Some of the sites that are attractive during daytime become even more mesmerizing during nights. Rome is bewitching during nights.

The city may not be offering the liveliest of nightlifes, yet those who have will, can find right places of enjoy. Offering quite comely sort of nightlife, the city is not utterly devoid of bars, pubs, and clubs. The city has a number of places for hanging out during nights.

There are some really nice bars and clubs that make Rome’s nightlife really-really expensive. There are plenty of clubs that have dress codes; either require a coat and tie. But hey, never mind, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

The legal age for drinking in Rome (Italy) is 16. Drinking is possible at all hours; most wine-bars and birrerie stay open until 12am in winter and 2 am in summer. The prices of drinks vary from location to location. A glass of wine at a city centre wine-bar can cost anything from €2-7, while a cocktail in a nightclub may cost €12. Half a liter container of beer usually costs around €5. However drinks are always cheaper when taken standing at the bar.

The wine-bars and cafés between Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona and Via della Pace are the worth visiting places during nights. Irish pubs are nice places for informal night out fun. These pubs are extremely popular with Italians and other foreigners. Most of nightclubs are constellated in the Testaccio and Ostiense districts. Additionally, the city has a number of bars, pubs, live music venues and opera venues.

The Vineria (Campo de’ Fiori), popular among local celebrities, is nice bar for early evening drinks. Il Nolano (No. 11) is always less packed, yet good for people-watching. Just little away is the Drunken Ship in nice socializing venue for English-speaking foreigners and tourists. Antico Caffè della Pace (Via della Pace 5 close to Piazza Navona) is highly popular, but bit more refined. Caffè di Marzio (Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere 15) is a nice place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink or two.

Gilda (Via Mario dei Fiori 97 close to Piazza di Spagna) is classy club offering a nice feast of fun dominated by Disco. It has a restaurant and a piano bar for private parties. Alien (Via Velletri 13-19) is bold n beautiful featuring sexy hot dancers. Alibi (Testaccio), a nice gay venue in the city, occasionally offers live concerts. Near by, Zoobar (Via Monte Testaccio 22) offers a great blend of rock and new melodies.

Goa (Via Libetta 13) is known for the DJs and techno music. Classico Village (Via Libetta 13) offering two dance floors and a restaurant, features a nice mix of Italian pop, rock and jazz concerts.

Alexanderplatz (Via Ostia 9, near the Vatican) is a famous live music venue in the city. All big wigs love coming and performing at the place. Big Mama (Vicolo di San Francesco a Ripa 18) brings up biggies as well as some good up-and-coming musicians. Fonclea (Via Crescenzio 82A) is nice place offering concerts of jazz, rhythm, and blues. The place has a late-night restaurant, and a bar that serves excellent cocktails and a wide selection of whiskeys. The La Palma (Via Giuseppe Mirri 35) is nice for jazz and ethnic melodies.

Caruso-Cafè de Oriente (Via Monte Testaccio 36) is widely known for organizing shows of the local and visiting Caribbean, Cuban and Brazilian musicians. Brancaleone (Via Levanna 11) is widely known as a live music hotspot. The venue is also known for concerts, films, art exhibitions and club nights. Circolo degli Artisti (Via Casilina Vecchia 42) is your place for an eclectic mix of rap, reggae, cyber punk and grunge.

Gamblers may have little hard time in Rome as gambling is banned throughout Italy with the exceptions of Venice. So you may not find a casino in Rome.

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