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August 12, 2010

Taxis provide cheapest transportation

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The only transportation medium that is more expensive than taxi, here in Italy, is the helicopter, as known, the favourite by VIPs and rich businessmen. Even the airplane is cheaper than taxi, above all considering low-costs flights and referring to the price/Km.

In the town were I was born, GENOA (Italy), if you want to take a taxi for an average run of 5 Km to the railway station, during the day, you pay a minimum of 15 Euro, that means 3 Euro/Km.

If you consider that in 5 km a taxi can consume, in the average, 1/2 liter of gasoline that costs about 1.36 Euro/liter, the taxi driver has payed, for the service made to us, about 0.65-0.70 Euro. And the rest? For the immense endeavour of carrying our happy asses to the station?

If you had made the same path with YOUR CAR, you would have payed, something more, something less the same for gasoline and nothing more.

Of course, I don’t want to support cars driving inside towns because just car jams are making city life very stressing and unsafe.

Still the same path by BUS or UNDERGROUND, would have cost 1 Euro for 75 minutes of run and in this time, if the car traffic is not excessive, you can get out of the town, making 10, 15 Km or more.

Also the TRAIN is to be examined for moving through Genoa, about 30 Km all along the coast, and the cost of a train to cross the whole town is about 4 Euro.

Another Italian town, well-known to tourists of all the world, is ROME, even more expensive (25-30 Euro for the same 5 Km) because… Rome is Rome and the price of a taxi over there is even higher for tourists.

So, if you’re in Italy, take a taxi only for emergency, or to go to/from the airport, if there’re not other options, but not for your touristic tours, unless you’re rich.

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