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July 11, 2010

Why I Couldn´t get enough of Italian men in Rome!!

… ´s gift to women – for once, they´re right…

My two week holiday started when we arrived at the most amazing Rome apartment, close to the Piazza de Popolo. We were really geared up about the holiday and all the great must sees; The …

April 25, 2010

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Rome Italy

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… , nightclubs, bars, literally cafes, football matches and many more.

A weeklong vacation is not even enough to exhaust Romes attractions. Virtually all corners of this extraordinary city are worth taking a photo. To start with, make sure you book …

April 23, 2010

Rome Holidays – the Land of Romans

… destination for all.

Following are some of the most favorite tourist spots not to be missed when holidaying in Rome:

Castel Sant’ Angelo (Hadrian’s Mausoleum)

Initially tomb of Hadrain emperor, this place was …

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