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August 25, 2010

Tips for booking a flight online

If anyone knows about getting a cheap flight deal, it’s me. I am the deal sleuth – the go-to person for anyone around me who plans any travels. I am the master at stretching travel dollars the furthest. But mastering the art of cheap online …

August 16, 2010

The Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

The Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome are acknowledged to be wonderful architectural pieces which performed the great religious purpose. The time and effort that went into the building process of those architectural monuments display the …

August 12, 2010

Taxis provide cheapest transportation

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… in Italy, is the helicopter, as known, the favourite by VIPs and rich businessmen. Even the airplane is cheaper than taxi, above all considering low-costs flights and referring to the price/Km.

In the town were I was born, GENOA (Italy), if you …

August 10, 2010

The role of the augur in Ancient Rome

… auspices are not favourable. Everyone return home.”

Imagine if our government shut down over the interpretation of bird flight patterns? In ancient Rome, the augur’s role was to observe and interpret the signs from the gods, also known as the …

August 3, 2010

Cheap Travel to Europe: Plan Your Trip Without Burden

… should also be mentioned so that they can be considered while choosing the destinations for your travel. The bookings of flights, reservations, taxi, guides, sight-seeing, etc will be done automatically once you plan the trip online on the minimum …

July 27, 2010

Getting to Rome, Italy

… . The Ciampino is still functioning but is primarily used for domestic flights and a few international flights.

Getting to Rome from either of these airports is quite simple and stress-free. Every 30 minutes a train connects the airport …

July 19, 2010

Top 10 Travel Web Sites Voted in 2008

… ; for prices and schedules, you’ll have to visit the airlines’ own sites.


Decide how much you want to spend and when you want to travel, and …

July 8, 2010

A Guide to Your Cheap Holidays to the Canary Islands

… Another thing you must not forget when you want to travel to Canary Islands or even to any holiday destinationsis to look for cheaper flights a few months before the holidays wherein you may just avail discounts of up to 80 percent. To cut more costs …

June 23, 2010

Cheap International Last Minute Airline Flights Ticket

… peak holiday season, but it still takes just a few minutes online and a few pounds to book a flight to Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin … even Prague, Rome or Barcelona.

Not for much longer, though, if an influential group of MPs gets its way. …

June 11, 2010

Flights to Dublin

… service from Ciampino Airport while Aer Lingus fly from Leonardo da Vinci / Fiumicino Airport to Dublin .

Flights to Dublin from the USAÂ…

US airports operating flights to Dublin include Chicago OÂ’Hare International …

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