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July 23, 2010

Rome Hotels Are Just Like Rome Ancient Not Old

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Rome its changed, but only where it needed to. So if youre booking a very central located hotel in Rome for your holidays in Italy and youre worrying about sleeping in a shabby room inside a ramshackle palace, well, theres nothing to worry about. That palace in which youre going to stay is probably from the 17th or the 18th century and because of that is probably considered a piece of art to protect and take care of by the Italian State and the Municipality of Rome: this hotel has probably been restored recently, trying not to take away from it its ancient splendour. Everything I just said refers of course only to those hotels in Rome which are located in its very core, but we think its there you should look for an accommodation before travelling to the capital of Italy. To be inside the city centre means to be close to all the sightseeing musts, close to the main shopping and fashion streets, close to everything youre coming to Rome for, close to all those palaces that looks so charming and ancient on the outside, hiding on the inside a different charm, the one of modern life. To have your accommodation in the very heart of the Eternal city means to sleep between ancient splendour and modern appeal. Ancient and modern, just as your next hotel in Rome.

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