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April 16, 2010

Rome Accommodation: a Different Weekend in Rome… Finding Peace of Mind in a Big Metropolis

Anybody deciding to go anywhere needs some sort of organization in terms of how to travel to a place and where to lodge once there. Rome has approximately five million inhabitants and being one of the most visited cities in the world, the Eternal city has definitely developed through many years a valid range of accommodation choice.

With the introduction of low cost air companies, Rome has in fact become the ideal destination for a weekend of sightseeing or just for a weekend of relaxation which is one of the main characteristics of the average Italian person. If the objective of the trip is mainly cultural and historical, a hotel room in the city centre is advisable due to the highest concentrations of monuments, museums and attractions in that area. Lodgings of nearly every kind and shape for all pockets are highly concentrated in the central area of Rome. You would be able to choose your hotel in Rome according to your needs and budget among hotels, bed and breakfast and guest houses. You could also choose to book an apartment to have a bit more freedom than in a standard hotel and to save some money by sharing the place with your friends or family. If your objective is instead just mere relaxation, you could opt for a more dislocated hotel which will be far away from confusion, chaos and the stress that necessarily characterize the centre of any big city. Off-centre but yet well connected with the city centre for the ultimate night out in the capital or just a bit of sightseeing. Some hotels, located in areas which are not particularly popular in terms of tourism, could indeed make your short break a really relaxing one. Swimming pool and out door bar will make you feel in a beach resort when inside, to then throw you in the ancient Rome once you decide to go out for a walk. And because relaxation rhymes with location, vacation and bus station you could book your hotel out of the city centre but yet in a nice location, reach it with a pleasant trip by bus and enjoy your short vacation.

These non central Rome accommodations are generally family owned therefore you would be able to hold a nice conversation and should you decide to eat in you will be surprised with the traditional and genuine cuisine in these places. On the other side, if your choice is to spend your short break in a central hotel, you could still eat very well in the thousand restaurants and pubs which are all over the centre of the city.

Whatever your reason for visiting might me, you want a break to chill out, therefore… beyond any doubt Rome is the perfect town.

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