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August 6, 2010

Holiday Freedom – Car Hire

When booking a holiday it’s easy to overlook the requirements needed to travel around once you arrive at your destination. Most package holidays now include a transfer by coach from the airport to the hotel, which means that it may not seem necessary to hire a car. However without access to a car tourists are restricted to public transport and places reachable on foot. Therefore hiring a car gives a greater freedom to visit more obscure places of interest.

Wherever you’re visiting there’s always something extra to see when you rent a car, here are some of the great sights from a variety of popular holiday hotspots.

Malaga, Spain – if you’re staying in the Costa Del Sol’s town of Malaga it’s worth making the short drive to the nearby castle known as Gibralfaro Castle. The name comes from the Moorish Jebel which translates as the hill and Faro meaning lighthouse. The road leading to the castle is long and winding, a difficult walk but easy to undertake in a car. Once you reach the top the caste offers some fantastic views over Malaga and the gardens are a great place to sit and relax.

Majorca, Spain – for those with access to a car there are many great places to visit on the island of Majorca including the Cathedral at Palma. From the outside the building looks fantastic as it sits by the seafront. The Cathedral is a traditional Gothic structure with sandstone walls, and is home to the famous Portal del Miradon, a 15th-century door by Guillem Sagrera featuring scenes from the Last Supper.

It is also worth visiting the Castell De Bellver a uniquely presented 14th Century Royal Fortress with an interesting museum and great views over Palma Bay.

Berlin, Germany – for visitors to the German capital there are plenty of fantastic places to visit, the Brandenburg Gate is arguably the city’s most famous landmark, standing as Berlin’s answer to the Eiffel Tower. Over 200-years-old, it’s managed to play a role in much of the city’s history, making it an essential place to visit for fans of local culture.

Rome, Italy – anyone staying within the region around Rome would be foolish to miss out on a visit to the Colosseum. The arena was built as a stadium to hold fifty thousand spectators who would watch anxiously as gladiators battled with animals. From the outside the Colosseum is a fantastic sight and inside there is even more to see as the original cells that were used to hold animals, criminals and gladiators are still in place and can be viewed by the public.

Lison, Portugal – Lisbon offers many popular tourist attractions including the Castle of St George. The castle was built during the 5th Century and offers fabulous views from its perch at the top of the city’s highest hill. Within the grounds of the castle there is a small restaurant that offers a good choice of food within a relaxing atmosphere.

These are just some of the places that you can visit with access to a car whilst you are on holiday. A simple search on the internet will give you some more ideas of tourist attractions. So next time you are away don’t just stick to the resort in which you are visiting – hire a car and visit the more obscure locations.

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