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June 28, 2010

Guide to cooking school vacations in Italy

Some people travel simply so they can cross a country off their maps. Others travel for a passion and when it comes to traveling to Italy, cooking vacations are common for those seeking an authentic experience in this country so particular and proud of their taste buds.

As my Italian friend Luca tells me, pizzas in Naples are different to pizzas in Rome. Just because they are considered simply as Italian doesn’t mean they are the same.

Italians are especially particular when it comes to their regional foods, and learning their culinary art also depends on the region you decide to take your classes in.

Tuscany is the most popular area for cooking classes due to having some of Italy’s finest fresh produce and wines in the region. Cordon Bleu, famous for their internationally published recipe books, have an academy here, although if you are looking into something on the road less traveled, you should consider traveling out of the cities to Tuscan-Romagna, where small towns and villages scatter around the beautiful lush green hills of the country, and where cooking is still very much the heart of Italian life. Portico di Romagna is such a place. Small classes are run here so you get the full attention of your instructor, not to mention, you are likely to be learning all this in an ancient Palazzo.

If you prefer to be in a more exotic location such as Venice, perhaps look into Istituto Venezia for one to two week cooking courses. Otherwise, perhaps Sicily may take your fancy where seafood takes up most of the ingredients in local cuisines. You’ll be taken to the local fish markets and learn how to identify freshness of the fish, take your shopping home and create your own masterpiece. Sicily is also a land producing variety of fruit and vegetables, giving you more options and choices when it comes to the food.

A useful website to check out is, where they provide a small listing of cooking classes as well as other gourmet options for the passionate gourmet traveler. Many other resources are available as well as information through the local tourist informations. There is no better way to experience authentic Italy than learning the art its people are so passionate about.

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