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August 7, 2010

Going to Rome: City Guide for the Little Travellers

Want to do something special for your kids? Take them to Rome for a weekend! Book your Rome accommodation in the city centre, fly low cost to Ciampino or Fiumicino airport and enjoy your mini holiday with your family. Most of the Roman hotels in the city centre have quadruple rooms at very accessible rates so that you won’t have to reserve two rooms especially if your kids are young. Alternatively you could book a Rome apartment, some of them are available for short stays and you could have more freedom having young kids along.

You could take your kids to the Bioparco (the former roman zoo) , today completely renovated. You could rent a bike and go for at ride at the Caffarella Park, this immense park where your children could admire horses, sheep. It’s the ideal place to have a picnic. And for you…there are some important archaeological ruins that are worth learning about such as the presence of an ancient Roman street, or some villas that made the history of Rome.

For the more courageous and brave kids you should know that Rome is full of mysterious legends. Your children will love them. Piazza Navona for example, is said to be the home of Olimpia Pamphili who rides in a chariot pulled by beautiful black horses. Some say to have heard her laughing. She had a prestigious role in the Roman society, but never, was she loved by the Romans. Her revenge is scaring to death the people who are in the square at night.

Everybody is aware that in the famous Colosseum some horrible massacres took place during the Roman Empire such as million of gladiators killed just for the fun of the spectators. Some tourists for example, reported to have seen three armed soldiers inside the Colosseum. Some “phantom beasts” have been seen where the real ones used to be kept in ancient times before the shows. The red buses, are always a nice and fun way to explore a town. Especially if it’s a sunny day! You can hop on and off these buses.

You can visit the Gianicolo, one of the seven hills of Rome, where you will get a spectacular view of the city centre and where your children will enjoy a traditional puppets show. Pulcinella is the symbol of the puppet theatre and it is known world wide since England borrowed it as Punch and France as Polichinelle. You could even buy one of the puppets. You want to feel like a real Patrician? Enjoy a city tour in a horse chariot. Not cheap but sensational!

Rome offers a wide range of possibilities for kids entertainment while you parents do your sightseeing. Instead of dragging your children along in museums and visits they will most likely find boring, try a different weekend, try to develop their sense of curiosity and satisfy your interests as well. Book the right accommodation in Rome for your family among B&Bs, guest houses, family hotel rooms or even an apartment and your family will spend a memorable weekend in the Eternal city!

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