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July 24, 2010

Family vacations: Top five spots to take your kids on vacation

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Top 5 vacation spots for kids. #1 Florida’s DisneyLand, #2. California DisneyWorld #3. Pennsylvania, Hershey Park, #4. New Jersey Wildwood Morey’s Pier. #5. The Caribbean; Jamaica Sunset Resorts in Montego Bay.

As you might imagine, I have children and they love to be entertained and love to go places, and I am also a Travel Agent, so I have explored all the options that there is and based on the children they loved the Caribbean, which is also fun for the entire family.

Jamaica Sunset Resorts in Montego Bay, the rates are reasonably priced for this all inclusive resorts & spa, there is something to do for the entire family, the ADR is about 150.pp. The children will enjoy the buccaneer beach activities, the Pirate Ship, Swimming Pool activities, Children play area, in a child controlled and supervised environment, Yes your children is safe to rome about here, you can lose them completely, and they will get back to you safely. This resort is very family friendly, there are also activities for adults, there is the spa and night club. This resort is perfect for children birthday party occasions or baby shower parties, there is a event or conference center that will hold up to 120 people. Oh just perfect, all in one place and reasonably priced. There are also off-site daily activities for the children on the island, situated in Montego Bay, 20 mins from the Airport, 5 minutes from the Business Center and surrounded by Jamaican restaurants and shopping all within 15 minutes. The resort can plan for your taxi services or hire your own for your entire trip or even rent a car if you are familiar with Jamaica, remember to drive on the left.

New Jersey Wildwood, if you live in the area this is perfectly located at the end of the NJ Parkway, so you absolutely can not missed it. perfect for a road trip. If you are going to fly in, Philadelphia then it is about 1 to 2 hours to Wildwood Crest from there. This beach town offers average star rating hotels and small motels, average ADR. 95 for off boardwalk and about 180 on the boardwalk. The Beach on the boardwalk occupies 4 water sports amusement piers with restaurants, shops and gaming. The children loved that there were so many options, it normally takes about two to three days to tour all the amusement park rides, best time to go here is June, July & August. There is a Toddler pier in the middle of the amusement water park, with restaurants and other child friendly aids. There is a lot of walking here,

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