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April 18, 2010

Ciampino And Alghero, Italy’s Unique Car Hire Destination Offerings

They say it is easier, comfortable and affordable to travel by car in Italy. Whatever be your destination in Italy, Car Hire Italy is there everywhere and its offices are open anytime making it feasible and practical for you to pick car of your choice at your convenience and be on your own to see, traverse and enjoy this beautiful land of diversities, forts, historic churches and century old traditions which are still alive and kicking.

It may be Palio of Sienna or the Town of St Francis. Every city has something different and unique to offer.

Car Hire Italy, which charges what it demands on Internet, stays with you making your drives enjoyable. It has easy and affordable Insurance cover for you to cover disasters, accidents, thefts or other risks. And above all whether you take your car from Car Hire Alghero or Car Hire Ciampino, twin town of Rome, you can drop it from the last city you intend to visit on your current Italian tour. It is convenient, flexible and above all free from hidden charges. It has the best of all car hire agencies and perhaps charges the lowest for the best vehicles it provides to its clients.

Booking done online form your home town gets you car from Car Hire Italy at the Alghero or Ciampino airport thus making you on your own. Alghero-Fertlia Civil Airport, as is actually known, has been in operation since mid 1970s.

It is the gateway to north Sardinia.

It belongs to that area of Mediterranean, which has varied, and rich environmental and historical archaeological heritage looked after and protected well.

Free from contamination coastlines and stiff cliffs looming into the sea make this area a special attraction for the tourists. Not only that gryphons make their nests underneath these cliffs. It makes it the most beautiful zone in the region.

Italy is superb. So all you need to do is travel, enjoy its landscape, its hilly terrains, and its picturesque spots and have a glimpse of its rich historic past. Car Hire Italy offers you all support, including provision of guide maps and telling you distances you have to travel from one city to another city and the motorways you have to take.

There is no better way of going around in Italy than in your own car taken from Car Hire Italy. There are in some cities old districts where streets are narrow, dingy and ill lit. There may be places like in Naples where there are no road signs, traffic lights but still driving remains safe and enjoyable.

In Italy you can be on the Alpine near Turin while in Florence, Venice or Rome, it will be the sheer beauty of these cities, their rich heritage and historic monuments that keeps you amazed making you drive through them enjoyable. While car offers you flexibility of stopping at a place you want to capture or enjoy a place of scenic beauty or picturesque settings. Car Hire Italy makes it feasible at a cost that works out be more economical than traveling either by air or even by rail.

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