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August 5, 2010

Best vacation destinations for a nature

Every now and then, when the stresses of every day life build to a deafening crescendo, you realize that it’s time for a vacation. So where shall you go? London, Rome, New York? No! The hustle and bustle of urban environs does little to soothe the stressed out soul. At times like these, a visit to your Mother is in order. Not the dear woman you call Mom.” We’re talking about Mother Nature.

While the hands of men have built skyscrapers, cathedrals, and impressive museums, none of these edifices compare with the gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed on the earth. Some of these gifts can be experienced on Block Island, Rhode Island.

Block Island’s story begins ten thousand years ago, when a series of glaciers left behind an array of rocks and stones, and surrounded them with 350 freshwater ponds and 17 miles of beaches. Today, the Nature Conservancy gives this gem of an island the distinction of being one of the “Last Great Places in the Western Hemisphere.” With a unique ecosystem that consists of maritime shrubbery, moraine grasslands and a vast variety of endangered species, Block Island is a popular stop for migrating birds in the spring and fall. It’s also a popular destination for vacationers who seek an intimate connection with nature; a connection that is unencumbered by over development. These visitors appreciate the fact that 20 percent of Block Island has been set aside for conservation. Some even choose eco-friendly modes of transportation to get there.

Although Block Island is reachable by plane from Westerly Rhode Island, most people prefer to arrive by ferry. The gradual, dramatic vision of the island and the lighthouse provides an image that will be remembered for years to come. Block Island Ferry provides year-round service from Point Judith, RI. and summer service from Newport, RI, and New London, CT. For information, call (866) 783-7996.

What to See and Do on Block Island

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge: These vegetated dunes provide a protected haven for birds and waterfowl. This is a popular destination for bird watchers.

Clayhead Nature Trail: Located on Block Island’s northeast shore, this intricate labyrinth winds through shrubs, fields and wetlands.

Mohegan Bluffs: In their magnificence, they cascade down to the beach. But don’t worry if you have never studied rock climbing or repelling. There’s also a long wooden staircase to bring you down.

Other Block Island activities include sailing and fishing.

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