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August 26, 2010

Additives Helping the Food Processing Industry

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Despite the point that food additives have gained much of its importance in past few years, this is a fact that in some form or the other it has been used for centuries. The process of preserving and processing food came into existence when the man first learnt to protect food from nature for longer period. Initially, processing methods included only salting and drying. The first food products to be used as processed or preserved food was meat and fish. Egyptians used colors and flavorings to process their food and make them even tastier than before while the people of Rome used saltpeter [scientifically named potassium nitrate], spices and colors to enhance the life of the food and increase the beauty of the food. Now days, chefs all around the world frequently use baking powder as a raising agent or thicking agent and colors such as cochineal to change normal food into processed food which is tasty, healthy and enjoyable to eat. The overall intention of food processing stays the same as of your mom i.e. to provide healthy and tasty food

In the rapid evolution of food processing industry in the last 50 years, many food additives came into existence that can perform number of functions to make a food item look and taste better. Some of these additives have become very popular due to its very common use in our daily lives. These are emulsifiers in margarine, sweetener in low-calorie food products and also many other preservatives and anti-oxidants. These additives not only make food to look beautiful and taste better but they also cut down the speed of product spoiling time and rancidity.

We have talked so much about food additives but do not know what actually it is. A food additive is basically a food substance not generally eaten alone as a food regardless of whether or not it has some nutrition to offer for humans and also not used as a main ingredient in food. The use of additive is basically conducted for some technical purpose and that too in the manufacturing, processing, preparation, treatment or transportation. It is also expected to show its existence by naturally reacting with food items and enhancing them from every aspect. Many food additives are naturally required by food products but some are additionally added to augment the taste and appearance of that food stuff. This is the technical purpose that leads to the facts that they are food additives.

Food additives have an important role to perform in this multifaceted food processing industry. We know that cooked or raw both kind of food is subjected to natural changes once it comes in contact with environmental procedure. Additives help food maintaining its original composition and thus keeping itself worth eating for longer.

It’s only because of additives that the range of processed food is increasing and the list of menu is getting longer in super-markets, specialist food joints or when you go out eating. This is not the end and people are surrendering more and more to their taste buds and asking for more variety of processed food. These expectations of consumers can be completed only by use of ultra-modern food processing technologies and not to mention the food additives also which are grown and invented through innovative minds and meticulous and strict testing.

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