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August 11, 2010

Accommodation in Rome: hotels or apartments?

Choosing an accommodation when you go abroad is much more than just choosing a place to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Choosing the accommodation for your vacations or your business travels in a city like Rome is even more delicate: it means choosing a lifestyle. There are so many different things linked to staying in an hotel or in apartment here, even if the most important thing, you’re probably thinking, is the city in itself, which is exactly the same wherever you decide to spend the nights. And you’re probably right: Rome is so beautiful and packed with history and art that you will never want to stay indoor. But still, there are several different ways to enjoy the beauties of the eternal city, and mostly those things that do not fit in the category “sightseeing musts” of your guide. It’s totally different to live in an apartment or to lodge in an hotel.

In a Rome apartment you will be able to prepare your own breakfast and meals just the way you’re used to, to have your private bedroom and at the same time to share a living room or a dining room together with the rest of your family or your group of friends. In an apartment you will not have to put any sign to not be disturbed, because nobody will enter in what you will be considering as your home in Italy.

In a Rome hotel, instead, you will be spoiled by the kindness of the staff, by their care and services, and you will enjoy breakfasts, lunches and dinners together with the other guests prepared for you to satisfy every kind of desires, to meet people coming from all around the world to see the Vatican, or the Colosseum or the Spanish Steps or any of the most popular spots of the Eternal City.

Please note that this has nothing to do with budget: in Rome there are apartments and hotels of any kind, from the most luxury to the most simple one, which means from the most expensive to the cheapest one. It’s just a matter of style. Do you feel more like a visitor to be taken care of and seduced or a traveller who prefers independence? The kind of accommodations in Rome you will decide to book will have a huge influence in the way you will remember your time in the capital of Italy.

Did you choose an apartment? You will definitely remember that day in which you shopped in that old grocery store or in that typical outdoor Italian market and you went home to cook your own lasagna with the recipe some lady gave you along the way. Did you go for an hotel? You will remember the typical Italian kitchen you tasted in so many different restaurants or the monuments and museums you had the time to visit because you know someone else would have already been taken care of your needs as you would have stepped back in the hall of your hotel.

So now that you know why you should take the hotel way or the apartment way while you’re in Rome, the choice is up to you: make it your way! And don’t make this the choice of lifetime: remember that anywhere your bed in Rome will be located, it will be under the same sky the Romans used to look at two thousand years ago. This is already enough to make everyone going: “Wow!”.

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