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July 11, 2010

A Week in a Rome Apartment Living as the Romans do

Short term apartment rentals are a fairly new concept, and present travellers with a fantastic new way in which to enjoy their chosen destination. By staying in an apartment, you instantly gain all the convenience of home, with a level of privacy and freedom that is impossible to acquire when staying in a hotel.

With this in mind, my partner and I decided to try and rent a Rome apartment, for our up and coming visit to this charming city. We found a website that specialised in short term Rome Apartments and the service they provided was first class, the booking process was simple and payment was handled simply and securely.

We have no doubts that by renting our own private accommodation for our entire stay, we were able to enjoy our time in Rome far more than we would have staying in a traditional hotel. We spent a fantastic week, becoming lost in the architecture and culture of sites such as the incredible Vicoli and the ancient Trastevere and Campo dei Fiori. We were free to do as we pleased, no set meal times, or any of the other restrictions often encountered when staying in a hotel. This was the greatest benefit for us in renting an apartment in Rome, we able to live life like a local, we were free to spend our days as we pleased, knowing we had a wonderfully comfortable home to return to when the day was over.

This highlights another great benefit of renting your own apartment for your vacation time; it comes equipped with a kitchen and a living room, really just like being at home. We had ever intended to exercise our culinary skills whilst on holiday, but I was so taken with the well fitted kitchen that I decided to learn how to cook some Italian food. With the help of a recipe and some Guanciale, supplied by the fantastic delicatessen shop Volpetti, I was able to rustle up a wonderfully tasty Italian dish named Pappardelle all Matriciana, much to the amazement of my partner!

I really cannot stress how different it was to be staying in our own apartment in Rome, and not in a generic, boring and constricting hotel. We really felt like we were living within the beautiful city of Rome, and not just visiting as a pair of tourists. I would recommend this form of accommodation to anybody who wishes to spend their time, in the destination of their choice, with the comfort and convenience of their own home close at hand. I certainly will be looking at short term apartment rentals as a replacement for hotel accommodation, whenever I travel outside of my own country of origin.

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