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July 2, 2010

A Holiday To Rome For Exciting Attractions

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You want something to do in Rome that you will remember forever. The city of Rome is always filled with adventure and fun. People seldom mention the Piazza di Spagna or the Spanish Steps. The area is always bustling with tourists, but the area is so large that you can sit and enjoy the view from one of the many cafes in the area of the steps. Many people have gotten married at the top of the stairs and many have gone to the top of the stairs to renew their love for each other.

The steps are used for fashion shows during the year. These steps have had more traffic than anywhere in the world. The adventure starts at the bottom of the stair in the square and once you reach the top, you have had an adventure and experience you cannot find anywhere else. To stand at the top of the stairs and look down is an incredible sight. You will want to have your camera along for some spectacular pictures. The Spanish Steps are just another one of Rome’s beautiful sights. Plan to spend the day enjoying all the little shops and cafes around the square after ascending and descending the steps.

For a nice enjoyable view of the city, visit Villa Borghese. This incredible park has a lake for boating and two amazing treasures pertaining to art. The sculptors and paintings in the park are inspirational. You should spend an entire day just seeing everything the area has to offer. The works of Kandinsky and Cezanne are on display in the Galleria. You will enjoy this park and artworks more than you would if you were to go to a museum. The sculptors along are something of beauty that one never sees in pictures. You will surly enjoy this adventure in Rome.

The Vatican is always a stop on everyone’s itinerary. This is a separate city from the rest of Rome. The Romans believe that the first monument ever built here was the martyrdom of St Peter. Michelangelo’s artwork is spectacular. It makes you wonder how someone could be this creative and talented. The Basilica (St Peters) is something that you can only imagine until you actually see it up close. It is the most incredible attraction in Rome. The tombs of the recent popes are located under the chapels. Thousands of people visit the Vatican every day.

You are going to find that your cheap holiday to Rome will leave you with more understanding about the ancient Romans. The city is a vast array of history, culture and incredible architecture. You will also want to pay a visit to Trastevere, Piazza Navona and of course, the House of Nero. You will have plenty of time for many other attractions in Rome, but you do want to see the most important attractions first. Since Rome is so large and has so many things to see, you might even take a trip back next year for more adventures and excitement.

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